If there is any type of unicorn product in a buying meeting you can guarantee that I will buy it. Heavily influenced by my two girls, I love anything unicorn! This season we are full to the BRIM with them. From brands like Maxomorra, Blaa, Joules and Hatley there will be something for everyone.

If you want to be a bit discreet about the unicorn love Maxomorra have some great underwear pieces and you can get pants and a vest. Joules have some wicked socks and tights in this season too.

We’ve got leggings, dresses, keyrings, wellingtons, rainjackets and more. You name it, we’ve probably got it with a unicorn on it!

If you fancy splashing out and going bit, then the Mini Rodini Unicorn rucksack is the one for you. I’ve used a Mini Rodini backpack as Dorothy’s babybag for a few years now and its served me well. So although a heavy investment, the uniqueness and quality is well worth the spend.

Take a look at our unicorn items below or search 'unicorns' on the site for a full list.