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Maxomorra Autumn Drop A – Real Life Photos

16 August 2018

Sometimes the stock photos really don’t do the collections any justice. I wanted to show the true colours of the latest Maxomorra Autumn Drop A and had a very willing volunteer in Matilda. She actually loves trying all the clothes on – which is fortunate! She also offered up her opinion on each thing she tried on. I think she’s after my job….

The first thing she tried on was the Cabriolet long sleeve top from the Explore range. The red in the cars really pops and looks brilliant when worn with other red pieces. She said she liked the old car drawings on this top!


Next up was the Sweat Dress in the bunnies print. I’m a sucker for a hooded dress. And well I don’t even need to say how good a dress is when it has pockets. Apparently the best bit about the pocket is the fact it goes all the way through and she insisted I took a photo!


The one I was most surprised about the real life colour was the Skunk print. The base is really bright and it looked fantastic on her. The darkness of the skunks against the turquoisey (yes that’s a word) base is stunning. She really loved it and said it was her favourite out of everything she tried on.


Last but not least is the highly anticipated onesies! They’re back and they’re so good. So much so Matilda said she wanted to live in this one. This is a picture of her doing just that.


You can see what pieces we chose from the Maxomorra Autumn A drop – HERE.