Name It

We are now proud to include Name It as one of our premium kids wear brands. With a range of cool and trendy clothes that can cope with all the demands required of kids clothes, Name It Kids Clothes are stylish, durable and affordably priced.
As part of the Bestseller group which also includes such brands as Vero Moda and Jack and Jones, Name It produce a huge range of trendy and colourful children's clothes from birth to 12 years.
Name It know that even the youngest kids are increasingly fashion concious and know exactly what kind of clothes they want to wear. With this in mind Name It design a range of clothes for kids that meet all the demands of the fashion conscious child, namely that the garments are fun, trendy and have playful designs. Name It also consider the expectations of the demanding parent by ensuring that all the clothes in the Name It range are well constructed from durable materials, have a comfortable fit and are affordably priced.
The result is a range of clothes for kids of all ages that are the highest quality in terms of design and build. The Name It Newborn range includes soft and cute baby clothes from birth to 9 months, Name It Mini consists of comfortable and fun clothes for toddlers of up to 3 years and finally the Name It Kids range is designed for kids between 4 and 12 years to meet all their expectations of style and cool.
We are so sure you will love the Name It kids clothing brand that we will be increasing the range over the coming months to provide you with a superb array of clothes and accessories for kids of all ages.