Levi's Kidswear

The brand that defined denim has now created a range of kids clothes that encapsulates everything that the world has come to expect from Levi's.
Now available at Dapper Baby, Levi's kidswear incorporates all the principles Levi's have applied to their adult range since 1853. Innovation in design, quality of materials and superior craftsmanship are as integral to Levi's Kidswear as any other part of the Levi's range. So you can be sure that when you buy Levi's Kidswear that you are getting 100% Levi's in terms of style, quality and heritage.
The Levi's Kidswear range at Dapper Baby includes denim, t-shirts, hoodies, vests and sleepsuits for kids aged from newborn to 3 years, all featuring that famous red label.